Jesters is all about the Pie Lover

Jesters offers a ridiculously tasty, and ridiculously huge range of pies. You can work your way through over 16 varieties, from the all New Zealand 'Kiwi Classic' and spicy ‘Maharaja’ to the veggie lover’s ‘Popeye’ or the deliciously sweet ‘Kentucky Delight’. What’s more, they’re all made with ridiculously fresh, healthy ingredients. You can cater for your family or the whole party with our mouth-watering range, or come into any Jesters Store for a sit down meal. Our promise to you… you’ll never stop at one!

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About the Jesters Business
Jesters Franchising NZ Ltd is a wholly owned and managed New Zealand gourmet pie company. The original concept was developed in Perth, Western Australia in 1997 on the philosophy of producing the healthiest, finest quality pies around. Our commitment to quality, health, taste and freshness led to the development of a unique way of cooking our pies, the result being the Jaffle Pie™.

Jesters Jaffle Pies are not oven baked like the traditional pie, but cooked in our unique Jaffle Pie makers using ultra-thin light puff pastry and the finest quality natural ingredients. Jesters Jaffle Pies are cooked continuously throughout the day, guaranteeing our customers supreme freshness and taste.

The fillings in Jesters Jaffle Pies contain only low fat, lean meats and fresh garden vegetables. You’ll find the chunky beef and chicken used in Jesters Jaffle Pies is visually fat free, having been carefully diced from prime quality meats. We don’t use preservatives, artificial flavourings, colourings or MSG.

The Jesters commitment:
To provide our customers with the healthiest, finest quality pies available in the marketplace.

It’s a ridiculously good time to get into the pie business
There has never been a better time to start your own business by becoming a Jesters Jaffle Pie Franchisee.

Already 34 stores have opened in Perth and regional Western Australia, and we now have 17 stores in the North Island.

Now, Jesters have successfully tapped into a niche of the $1 billion (and growing fast) fast food industry with a unique and traditionally popular product.

As a franchisee you will be extensively trained, fully supported, and part of a group of progressive and energetic people.

We invite you to see the ‘Franchise Opportunities’ page for Franchise Opportunities within New Zealand.